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We treat each client as an individual and our pricing is reflected as a beginning.

Once you are with your stylist they will consult and inform you of your hair care cost

Hair Color
Palm Massage

Our Services...


  • Clipper cuts (fades/scissor over comb) -$35+

  • Short detailed cut (chin length with detailed cutting and styling) -$45+

  • Medium length shaping-( just past chin length with detailed cutting/ short bob to long layers) -$55+

  • Long advanced shaping- (long past shoulders/or making dramatic length change) -$65+

  • Bang/fringe cut -$15

  • Children (under 10 years-$35+

  • Ouidad curly cut- $135+ (includes a deep clean wash and style/diffuse)

  • Express Ouidad curly cut- $115+ (includes a deep clean wash and light product but not dried or diffused)


Ouidad technique- designed for each and every curl type, achieved by strategically cutting the hair at the curl pattern to create sculpted and defined curls that fit together to enhance the natural curl, creating movement and eliminating bulk where needed, to reveal bouncy and controlled curls! We also educate on the best possible products for your curl needs with advice and guidance to have the highest integrity possible for your curls!

  • Conditioning Treatment- $35+

Skin Care

Please contact:

Gail Erickson- 727-385-0829


Please click on the Massage tab at the top of the website page for more information and pricing


Or call for an appointment:

Alex Maldonado -727-320-4006



*Color pricing may to change with amount usage

  • Color retouch- $67+

  • Double process / bleach retouch- $80+

  • Gloss/Toner ( boost vibrancy, tone or add depth- $40+

  • Full highlight- $150+

  • Partial highlight- $120+

  • Special Effects- $75+

  • Balayage- $155+ (Balayage is a hand painted clay lightener that is soft and natural)

  • Color corrections- Needing to make a big change?

  • It may take multiple sessions and a lot of patience and we are here to help!  

  • Your stylist will guide you on the best path possible. We require a consultation and hourly rates apply starting at $85+

  • Vivid colors-require a consultation to ensure your expectations are in line with the result while keeping your hair at its highest  integrity.  Maintenance for vivid colors require a lot of specific at home care to ensure longevity. Hourly rates apply starting at $85+


Please contact:

  • Lori Rappaport- 727-458-4685

  • Shelly Brown-727-458-6650

  • Chantel- Leffard 727-656-5032

  • SoCheata Man-727-804-6973

Permanent Makeup

Please click on the Permanent Makeup tab on the top of this website page for more information and pricing.

Or call for an appointment:

Amy Joy Squillace-727-643-8047

We are here to please our wonderful clients!

-Practically Frivolous Family

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